The Essentials Mindful Leader Experience

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Focus on supporting your wellbeing and mindfulness

to improve your personal and professional life!  


6 week asynchronous online Brightspace courses

Led by 3 experienced Mindfulness & Meditation experts from across SUNY

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 Course Schedule June 3 – July 22, 2024

Join the course to support your wellbeing. Specifically, together we will:

  • Navigate stresses and systemic struggles in a supporting learning environment.
  • Increase awareness and caring for yourself (self care);
  • Cultivate spaciousness & freedom;
  • Recover from or prevent burnout
  • Improve wellbeing (personal & professional). An overarching focus on supporting wellbeing.

Learners wil be introduced to concepts, techniques of meditation and, also the opportunity to practice meditation on a daily basis. Interwoven nwith meditation will be understanding the importance of self-caring, loving-kindness, compassion and body based awareness.

Connect the me (my practice, my relationship with self- intra) and the we (my interaction with others – inter). Deepen considerations and practice in the realm of awarness- based self care, self compassion & build compassion for others, empathy, and loving kindness. 

Experience apractical, experiental, and theoretical introduction to listening-centered mindful communication, cultivating presence in communicative interactions while also leaning to navigate difficult conversations to enhance wellbeing. 



Cost & Payment

CPD member rate: $445 (CPD points accepted)

SUNY Campus rate: $495 

Non-CPD/SUNY price: $545



Dr. Glenn Pichardo 

SAIL Leadership Specialist

(see bio)

Dr. Kristen Blinne

Associate Professor, Communication Studies, SUNY College at Oneonta 

(see bio)

Dr. Lisa Napora

Co-Founder and Director of The Mindfulness Alliance

(see bio)