Resilient Change Leader Series

NEW! Resilience Series:
Empowering Change Leaders
Series begins October 25, 2021!


*Series of 5 one-hour, interactive learning events

*Live monthly programs, October 2021 through March 2022

*Private online group access

*Expand your network of SUNY colleagues

*Earn a ‘Resilient Change Leader’ certificate of completion & digital badge


Audience: Faculty and administrative professionals in all departments and at all levels. 

 As we emerge from multiple pandemics, academic leaders are giving serious consideration to the challenges we must face in order to become resilient change leaders leading the way to higher education’s future. Through a series of live learning events hosted by the SUNY SAIL Institute, we will empower leaders to envision, align and execute necessary change efforts. We invite campus administrators, faculty leaders and professional staff to be a part of this new resilience series to ensure we have the awareness, skills and mindsets to lead successful change initiatives at our institutions to meet students’ needs. Through a series of five one-hour live, interactive learning events, we plan to explore and set in motion action-oriented plans to:

*Setting the Stage:
Leading through Challenges in Higher Education

*A Conversation with the Chancellor:
Leading SUNY Forward

*Building Academic Leadership Capacity:
How do we meet the demands of the various pandemics?

Engaging Students Successfully,

Defining Academia’s Future through Inclusive Leadership

We invite faculty and staff to join us in the process of collaboratively learning and developing solid leadership skills to propel us all forward.

Program Schedule
All programs will take place live, online, from 11:00 a.m. though 12:00 p.m.

Setting the Stage: Leading Through Challenges in Higher Education

October 25, 2021

This opening interactive learning program will put into focus the priorities and challenges that leaders need to address in higher education. In order to address these issues, leaders will be empowered to adopt a growth mindset and keep inclusivity at the forefront of all we do.

Learners will:

  • Understand and map out the priorities and challenges that need to be addressed in the current higher education landscape as we emerge from multiple pandemics;
  • Create environments for both our talent and students to thrive as they grapple with fear and anxieties provoked by rapid change;
  • Learn what it takes to adopt a growth mindset and make space for necessary improvement;
  • Co-create higher education’s “new normal” as leaders in this context; and,
  • Explore how to lead with inclusivity in all we do.

A Conversation with the Chancellor: Leading SUNY Forward

November 15, 2021

Dr. Jim Malatras serves as the 14th chancellor of The State University of New York. This program will include a candid conversation with the chancellor to learn more about his vision and strategic priorities as he leads our system forward, and what he anticipates in the year ahead. Leaders will be invited to take the reins and align their institutional initiatives thereby harnessing the power of SUNY and embark on change efforts. 

Learners will:

  • Examine some of the challenges the chancellor and other leaders of a large educational system faced during this multiple faceted pandemic
  • Explore ways to engage stakeholders during this “new normal;”
  • Determine what innovations and adaptations implemented during the COVID pandemic should be retained and positively inform the “next reality” in higher education; and
  • Distinguish what leadership attributes are needed during a major crisis and afterwards.

Building Academic Leadership Capacity: How do we meet the demands of the various pandemics?

January 24, 2022

During this interactive webinar we will continue to explore the various pandemics we are living through and emerging from as well as the multiple implication they’ve had on higher education. Leaders will begin to build capacity for the work ahead, as we empower you to shift and adopt the mindsets necessary for change. 

Learners will:

  • Distinguish attributes needed in building leadership capacity;
  • Understand the importance of collaborative teamwork and breaking down silos; 
  • Appreciate the importance of emotional intelligence in building a new mindset in academic leadership; and
  • Seek takeaways in building capacity in changing our mindset as we address the “new normal.”

Engaging Students Successfully

February 28, 2022


Improving student experiences and outcomes is essential to success for institutions and students alike. During this virtual learning event we put the student experience into focus as we enter a new era in higher education. Together we will explore student engagement as a launchpad for empowering our students. External political, social, economic and global health dynamics forced us to throw away the playbook. As academic leaders, we will craft a new paradigm that prepares our students for the critical roles they will play during their educational journey and beyond.

Learners will:

  • Hear perspectives from Student Life leaders in our University Centers, Comprehensive Colleges, Ag/Tech schools, and Community Colleges.
  • Examine some of the challenges students encounter in their interactions with us;
  • Strategize ways to get students engaged in their academic and civil journeys;

Defining Academia’s Future through Inclusive Leadership 

March 21, 2022



The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for significant and positive change in traditional teaching methods. These adaptations can redefine engagement, both in and out of class, while allowing learners increased flexibility and offering instructors greater ability to reach their students. During this virtual learning event we conclude our examination of the challenges educational leaders must face and clarify how an inclusive mindset approach can guide us to change the paradigm and define academia’s future.

Learners will: 

  • Conclude their evaluation of the challenges academic leaders must face higher education in order to understand our current context and keep pace with these evolving challenges;
  • Further explore the attributes needed to be more inclusive of all students;
  • Assess programs and methods to assist us when working with students;
  • Seek the attributes needed for us to be successful agents of change and model this for our teams and students;
  • Develop and commit to action and accountability plans to propel us forward. 

Earn an ‘Resilient Change Leader’ Certificate of Completion and Digital Badge

SUNY faculty or staff participants must complete all five sessions.


Dr. Ronald A. Milon
SUNY SAIL Institute Leadership Fellow
Chief Diversity Officer, Fashion Institute of Technology
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Program Cost

The registration cost for faculty and administrative professionals is listed below. Includes access to all five live programs, private online group access, certificate & digital badge. 

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