Quantum Leadership Applied Learning Project Library

Pilot Cohort of 2024

Change Initiative Applied Learning Projects

A Quantum Leadership Approach to a Divisional Climate Committee

Emily Feuer                                               Chief of staff -VP for Finance & Administration                                    University at Albany

From the Adirondacks to the Everest:  The Rise of the CJ Banner

Zakir Gul                        Chairperson/Criminal Justice Department SUNY Plattsburgh

Clearing the Mist: Implementing a Comprehensive FAQ/Virtual Assistance System for the Most Common HR Questions and Transactions

Emily Hermanovitch                            Assistant Director- RF Human Resources Binghamton University

Math Pathways 2.0: Launch Years Initiative

Alma Kanic Franco                                Director of Operations for Community College Supports and NYS Student Success Center, Office of Community Colleges and Office of the Education Pipeline          System Administration

A Quantum Leadership Approach to a Divisional Climate Committee

Mary Kraft                                              Director Post Award                                  University at Buffalo

Finding Support for Your Work

Marly Norris                                                    VP of Advancement, Executive Director of SUNY Empire Foundation                        SUNY Empire State University


Examining Master Teacher Program Impact

Angela Pagano                                              Senior Assistant Provost for Educator Preparation & Partnerships Senior Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost

Turning Weed out into Weave in: a new paradigm for engineering recruitment, admissions, retention, and student success

 Leigh Winfrey Dean                             School of Engineering                       Maritime College