The Impact of SUNY SAIL Leadership Programs


Has SAIL achieved its mission?

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Our mission, as a system-wide institute, is to develop and provide cutting-edge leadership and professional development training for faculty, staff, and students across 64 campuses; strengthen the pipeline of leaders in the SUNY system and beyond. Read the Impact study.

Dr. Amanda J. Harding, Vanderbilt, Peabody College. Advisor: Marisa Cannata. Dr. Harding completed the Impact study for SUNY SAIL Leadership Programs as part of Vanderbilt, Peabody College, Doctor of Education, Leadership and Learning in Organizations. Her capstone project aimed to provide SUNY SAIL with a better understanding of how our leadership development programs impact participants, and more specifically career advancement.

Interested in reading more Leadership and Learning in Organization research studies? Check out the agenda from Vanderbilt’s convening event (spring 2023).

Vanderbuilt Convening Agenda