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In an effort to advance our commitment to inclusive excellence, SUNY is excited to launch a new Hispanic Leadership Institute (HLI) designed to strengthen the pool of leaders from Hispanic backgrounds.

About the HLI Fellowship

Accepted Fellows will benefit from a six month (January – June 2020) individualized experience. The program will begin with a four-day retreat at the Carey Institute for Global Good, just outside Albany, NY January 7-10 2020. The experience will conclude with the Capstone event June 16-18, 2020 in Albany. During their engagement, the fellows will be guided through a leadership development journey that includes assessments, coaching, online and in-person workshops and an applied learning project.




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The HLI Leadership Institute offers two tracks of development for HLI Fellows:

Track #1:  Institute Fellows are provided the opportunity to benefit from a six-month individualized experience including two personal leadership skills assessments. Each fellow will have an opportunity to complete a SUNY360 leadership skills inventory in addition to a DiSC Work of Leaders assessment. Fellows will be able to use those tools in addition to feedback from an executive coach to gain more insight on their personal leadership journeys.

Track #2: Fellows-in-Residence will participate in a comprehensive 12-month  Institute Fellows experience based at SUNY System Administration. This includes rotations at different SUNY campuses to gain more real world experience. Fellows-in-Residence will also be eligible for up to a 50% effort buyout from their current responsibilities in order to engage in the unique expanded leadership experience.

Costs and Fees

HLI covers a majority of the costs associated with the fellowship experience, including all program registration fees, assessment costs, curriculum materials, some meals, etc.

Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses, however. Some travel expenses may be offset by a travel stipend; amount yet to be determined.