SUNY Hispanic Leadership Institute


Steering Committee  

Dr. Havidán RodríguezExecutive Director, Hispanic Leadership Institute, President, University at Albany (UAlbany)

Dr. Jason E. Lane, Executive Director, SUNY’s SAIL Institute; Dean, School of Education, UAlbany

Teresa A Miller, Senior Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Chief Diversity Officer, SUNY System

Ms. Zulaika Rodriguez-Awoliyi, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Presidential Recruitment, Evaluation and Development, SUNY System

Bette Bergeron, Provost, SUNY Potsdam

Susan J. Zimmermann, Provost, SUNY Cobleskill

Karen Ferrer-Muñiz, Associate Vice President  of Enrollment and Student Success, Utica College

Kristin L. Croyle, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, SUNY Oswego

Hector Graciano, Associate Dean of Adjunct Services, Professional Development, and Online Education, Westchester Community College

SUNY Hispanic Leadership Institute

 As the largest comprehensive public system of higher education in the United States, SUNY has boldly committed to become the most inclusive University System in the country; where all students, faculty and staff feel welcome and supported. Importantly, SUNY understands that to truly meet its goals, the University must employ, in addition to faculty and staff, leaders at the highest levels who share common experiences and culture with those who comprise the fastest growing segment of its student population: students who will become our next generation of Hispanic/Latinx leaders.

We understand that enhancing the proportion of Hispanic/Latinx leaders in our universities will require more than just a willingness to engage Hispanic/Latinx candidates. It will take solid and continuing investment to demonstrate to emerging and current Hispanic/Latinx leaders SUNY’s commitment to their success and to ensuring a collaborative and welcoming environment in which they can continue their professional growth.

 The SUNY Hispanic Leadership Institute is designed to identify, develop and recruit, and ultimately support, retain and foster the success of Hispanic/Latinx leaders at the University President and President’s Cabinet level (Provosts, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Business Officers, etc.).


SUNY’s Hispanic Leadership Institute is a joint initiative of SUNY’s SAIL Institute and Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, with generous support from the State of New York.

SUNY Hispanic Leadership Institute, Cohort 2020, published in “Inside Higher Ed!”

 Our Mission

To identify, foster, and support the development and retention of current and emerging Hispanic/Latinx leaders for an increasingly diverse university system and nation.

Our Aim

To increase the engagement, competitiveness and participation of Hispanic/Latinx leaders for State University of New York (SUNY), New York State (NYS) and national administrative and leadership positions, and to increase the awareness and education of other SUNY, NYS and national leaders concerning the increasing need for engaging and fostering the development of Hispanic/Latinx leaders.

Our Vision

To be a nationally recognized, effective, and high quality center of excellence for the identification, development, and retention of current and emerging Hispanic/Latinx leaders in higher education.



About the HLI Fellowship: 

Accepted HLI Fellows will benefit from a six month (January – June) individualized experience. During the fellows engagement, they will be guided through a leadership development journey that includes assessments, coaching, online and in-person workshops and an applied learning project.

Each fellow will have an opportunity to complete a SUNY360 leadership skills inventory in addition to a DiSC Work of Leaders assessment. Fellows will be able to use those tools in addition to feedback from an executive coach to gain more insight on their personal leadership journeys.

To Nominate a Colleague: 

Interested individuals must be nominated to apply for an HLI Fellowship.

The minimum requirements for nomination are:

  • Have demonstrated leadership and administrative experience;
  • On a career path to higher levels of administrative and leadership responsibility within System or University;
  • Are full time employees (e.g., Faculty or staff) within SUNY;
  • Possess a minimum of three (3) to five (5) years employed within the SUNY system, including its colleges and universities.

The program is best suited for those individuals that have already demonstrated leadership and administrative experience, and are on a career path to higher levels of administrative and leadership responsibility within the university, consistent with the aim of the Institute.

Applicants must be nominated to apply for the program. To nominate a colleague for the SUNY HLI, complete the nomination form. Nominations will be accepted September 1st – September 30th, 2020.

Once the nomination is received, nominees will receive an email with instructions to complete the HLI application. Application received by October 15, 2020 will receive priority consideration

Instructions to Apply:

The application process is completely electronic via the Hispanic Leadership Institute Application Submission Portal (

Using your SUNY Sign In, enter the portal and complete all questions provided in each tab. Please follow the instructions provided and submit the additional materials as requested. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted.

The deadline for the application and all supporting documentation (2 Letters of Recommendation, Campus Statement of Commitment, Resume and/or CV) is 11:59 pm, U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, October 15, 2020.

As you go through this process, if you have any questions, or require more information, please contact Kimberly Bobb, HLI Project Coordinator at or call 518-445-4040.

Costs and Fees:

HLI covers a majority of the costs associated with the fellowship experience, including all program registration fees, assessment costs, curriculum materials, some meals, etc.

Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses, however. Some travel expenses may be offset by a travel stipend; amount yet to be determined.


If you have any questions, or would like to know more about whether the SUNY HLI Fellowship program is for you, please contact:

Kimberly Bobb, HLI Project Coordinator        Email:                    Phone: 518-445-4040                                        

HLI Fellows in the News

University at Buffalo Now article, “UB faculty members named to second class of fellows of SUNY Hispanic Leadership Institute” published March 15, 2019 by Sue Wuechter