Executive Coaching Support

Coaching Benefits:
*Increased productivity
*Effectiveness for your campus community

Coaches are not for weak leaders; on the contrary, coaches are for leaders who are looking for the next breakthrough.

What is executive coaching? SAIL offers private and confidential coaching support for individual leaders at all levels, from new leaders to campus presidents. SAIL can match you with one of several  certified executives coaches for you, or for your full leadership team. One to 1.5 hour sessions scheduled to occur either in-person or via video or phone call. One meeting may be all your need, or a series of coaching calls can serve to support you to meet your leadership strategic goals.

Grounded in established ICF Coaching Principles: Agreement, Understanding, Rapport, Communication, Exploration, Strategy

To find out more about our Executive Coaching services, please contact the SUNY SAIL Institute at leadership@suny.edu or 518-445-4201.