Department Chair Summit

Multi-Campus | Engaged Learning | Leadership Development

About the Summit

Being an effective department chair or research director requires an individual to articulate and execute a vision for the future, understand their strengths and weakness as a leader, have a firm understanding of practical management skills, and serve as an effective boundary spanner between the faculty and the college administration.
The SAIL Institute offers a system-wide summit each May open to department chairs at SUNY and non-SUNY colleges and universities. These 2.5 day events provide an enriching and engaging experience designed to prepare department chairs to be effective leaders, creative managers, champions of student success, and supporters of faculty development. The summit offers participants an:
  • Immersive experience that meets leaders where they are and further advances their leadership skills.
  • Opportunity to learn with colleagues across multiple campuses, disciplines, and experiences.
  •  Environment free from daily campus distractions allowing you to focus your leadership journey.
  • NEW for 2020: Crucial Conversations training and participant tool kit.

Upcoming Summits

Summer 2023                                Department Chair Virtual Academy        Team discounts available for any campus sending at least two chairs!                              Learn more.

Academy for Higher Education Leadership Chairs                                      TBA





Why Attend?

  • Department chairs are one of the most important leadership roles on campuses, with responsibility for up to 80% of administrative decisions on some campuses.
  • The success of academic departments is critical to the teaching, research, and service missions of every college and university.
  • The rapidly changing external environment necessitates academic departments by more strategic and innovative.
  • Many department chairs assume their role with limited prior leadership experience, and research suggests more needs to be done to build the leadership capacity of chairs.

Please reach out directly to the SAIL Director, Carolyn Mattiske, with any questions about the retreat by phone at 518.445.4201 or email

*Note: The SUNY CPD registration system is still rather new and requires users to create a profile before registering for their event.