One-day workshops offered in:
Albany, Syracuse & NYC

Leading your Campus through Change & Conflict

February 2018

High-performing campus teams are led by people that have the skills to reorganize people, create positive working cultures using straight talk, lean into difficult conversations and provide feedback. This session will explore the impacts of social media for leaders in an academic culture, and prepare them to lead a multi-generational workforce amidst a tidal wave of change.

  • Syracuse 2/9
  • Albany 2/20
  • NYC 2/23

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Leading High-performing Teams at your Campus

March 2018

Improving your skills as a leader will inspire both you and the individuals on your team striving to achieve the team’s objectives. You will leave this session with strategies for team building, coaching your team, creating an inclusive environment, addressing the challenges facing higher education, setting expectations, and keeping accountability at the forefront.

  • Syracuse 3/6
  • Albany 3/7
  • NYC 3/20

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Neuroscience of Higher Education Leadership

March 2018

Recent findings in neuroscience and the field of leadership converge to offer spectacular insight and substantial evidence to how anxiety, emotions, and behavior influence performance and our ability to be emotionally nimble through times of stress. This hands-on, interactive workshop will explore how five frameworks (Organizational, Behavioral, Biological, Cultural, and Evolutionary) come together to shape our workplaces into spaces of creativity, or crisis.

  • Syracuse 3/1
  • Albany 3/8
  • NYC 3/21

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Higher Education Leadership Resilience

April 2018

Perhaps the greatest challenge that leaders in higher education endure is their ability to rebound from adversity. This workshop will explore the art and science of building resilience as well as a methodology for increasing resiliency skills through dialogue and understanding. This includes the ability to face the realities of situations, seek meaning and purpose, and re-invent mental models of success for the future.

  • Albany 4/4
  • Syracuse 4/6
  • NYC 4/18

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