SUNY Student Leadership Academy

June 3 – 5, 2020        

SUNY Student Leadership Academy (SLA)         

This engaging hands-on experience is designed for students and includes a series of leadership development workshops, local immersion visits, international exchange partners, community service and group projects. The academy will focus on one challenge question throughout the three day experience: “How do we Collectively Take Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals to Transform our World, Campuses and Global Communities?

By engaging in this experience: students will develop and connect with one another across differences in order to solve complex real-world challenges, gain a better understanding of one’s own culture and identities as they relate to those of their peers, community, and the world, and deepen their understanding of the Capital Region community in order to identify similarities and differences with their own local communities.

SUNY’s Student Leadership Academy provides a unique opportunity to SUNY students within the SUNY system. The intensive leadership development programming, based in the Capital Region, will expose students to a unique curriculum designed to prepare them to be civic leaders and that curriculum is complemented by customized applied learning opportunities in the Capital Region.

The Summer 2020 program kicks off June 3rd and will feature students from all across the SUNY system. Seats are available for students that are interested and able to participate! 

Optional housing available at the University at Albany, see Summer 2020 SUNY SLA flyer for more details.

Reach out to Merissa McKasty at with any questions.


When and Where:

 June 3 – 5, 2020

Capital Region, NY

SUNY Student Leadership Academy Agenda Coming Soon!


“Due to this program being very diverse and multicultural, I have been able to interact more with people of different ethnicities and backgrounds, preparing me for future interactions within this country and abroad.”


Farmingdale State College

“I am a shy person and talking to a group of people can be uncomfortable for me, but this program offered an opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and forced me out of my comfort zone. I learned that I am capable of connecting with a lot of different people and I am glad I stuck with the program.”


University at Albany

“I loved it, wish it was longer actually! Had a great time and am grateful to have been a part of it. I hope there are future programs like this, that I can be a part of!!”


Binghamton University

“I feel that this program is essential for those entering professional field of work and I can determine that it helped me open up not only to others, but open up to myself as well.”


SUNY Maritime College