NYSERNet Partnership

The SUNY SAIL Institute has partnered with NYSERNet to provide leadership and professional development for Chief Information Officers in universities, colleges, museums, health care facilities, primary and secondary schools, and other research institutions. Together, SAIL and NYSERNet, offer a semester-long CIO Leadership Academy.

Additionally, SAIL led leadership development workshops as part of their pre-conferences offerings at NYSCIO 2017 (July 12, 2017) and Fall 2017 Conference for IT Leaders.

360 Leadership Development Assessments
Learn how the SAIL Institute’s 360 assessment tool can be used to improve your teams. Institute members will discuss how they customized the 360 assessments for higher ed and how they’ve used it to increase team communication and effectiveness. Hear from a panel of recent CIO Leadership Series graduates on the benefit of the 360 assessment exercise.

High-Performing Teams
What do successful organizations have in common? In what ways could your organization have a greater range of influence on campus or in the community? This workshop will explore these questions through a hands-on, interactive, engaging and entertaining exercise. Participants will explore their own leadership strengths and opportunities for growth in the following areas:  communicating the mission/vision, connecting decision-making to the strategic plan, systems thinking processes, accountability and influence.

Leadership Development Planning
This lively session will leave you with a professional development planning tool that can be used for anyone in your organization. Plenty of leadership development ideas and workshops will be highlighted to plan your success – and the success of your team – over the next 12 months. Facilitators will lead the group through leadership development hot topics, and draw out issues most relevant to today’s CIOs.