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Latest Webinar: Predictive Analytics

A prominent barrier to student success, particularly among underrepresented, low-income, and first-generation students, is a lack of information. Predictive analytics and data-mining techniques have proven to be powerful methods of empowering and informing students.

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Campus-Based Workshops

The SAIL Institute works with colleges and universities to provide custom leadership development workshops for all range of higher education leaders from department chairs to presidents. Learn more.

Cross Cultural Simulation Workshop

What is the simulation?

  • engaging and interactive cultural awareness and diversity training program
  • helps participants to build awareness of cultural differences
  • challenges participants to rethink their behavior, attitudes, and their own bias

Why participate?

  • helps to identify diversity issues within organizations that must be addressed
  • helps to initiate immediate personal change
  • encourages participants to develop guidelines to support a more effective and efficient workplace culture
  • provides a safe and engaging atmosphere to address tough topics in the workplace

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Articles and Leadership Briefs

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Winter Leadership Retreat

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for faculty and administrative staff at a higher education institution looking to expand their leadership skills. Are you preparing to move into or a new role or boost your ability to perform in your current position?

Spend 2.5 days expanding upon your ability to:

  • Lead in Higher Education
  • Lead High-Performing Teams
  • Lead Academic Cultures of Innovation

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