CIO Leadership Academy

About Academy

NYSERNet and the SAIL Institute have partnered to provide a custom academy designed around a series of workshops to help aspiring and current CIOs and IT professionals develop and strengthen their leadership abilities. This cohort-based program moves participants through a journey of self-discovery, skill development and knowledge creation. A variety of pedagogical approaches are used to ensure that learners of all styles are able to engage in and contribute to the program.

The program is largely interactive, using a variety of small group discussions, role-playing opportunities, simulations, leadership assessments, panel discussions and case studies all situated within the context in which the modern CIO exists. The faculty for the program will be a combination of leadership development experts and experienced CIOs.

Why Attend?

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) Leadership Academy enables current and aspiring CIOs to strengthen their leadership ability by:

  1. Gaining new understanding of their personal leadership styles;
  2. Knowing when to use different leadership skills based on the situation;
  3. Being able to articulate a vision and turn the vision into implementation;
  4. Learning how to build and lead a team;
  5. Developing new collaboration skills; and
  6. Advancing their understanding of key issues confronting CIOs (e.g., information security, institutional data management and new data-enabled student success technologies).

After Completing This Program, Patricipants will:

  • Understand their personal leadership style and behavioral impact on others;
  • More effectively use communication and relationship-building skills to motivate others;
  • Lead and develop teams within complex organizations;
  • Understand the position of the CIO as a senior leader in their setting;
  • Identify new and future challenges confronting CIOs and develop proactive action plans;
  • Create a unifying vision for their organizations and learn strategies to collaborate across organizational silos.

Opening Event

Two-Day Workshop

March 9-10, 2017

Rockefeller Institute for Government, Albany, NY

Virtual Growth Session #1

March 29, 2017

Information Security & Collaborative Leadership

Virtual Growth Session #2

April 20, 2017

Situational Leadership & Predictive Analytics

Virtual Growth Session #3

May 9, 2017

Vision & Implementation

Capstone Retreat

May 31, 2017

University at Albany

Information Technology Building